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hey i need a diet plan really bad. Prom was just announced and it 3 weeks away. I know right, who does that. anyway if you could make a three week diet plan that would be awesome.


Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and DRINK WATER! Water will be your best friend, in losing water weight and staying healthy overall. Avoid foods with high sodium and simple carbs. Stick to that diet and you should be good (: Also, a good beverage to drink is green tea, it fosters your weight loss goals

foods to eat when doing the prom workout routine


Protein! But I’m not the one to ask. In that post is the url for the tumblr that gave me that workout, you should ask her (:

Hi so a couple of things I want to ask. For a tux, is it not formal to wear a belt because I heard it wasn't right. Also on my tux, there's this tag of the company on the sleeve, do I cut that off or is it part of the tux? thanks for the help!


The tag should stay. If you rent a tux NEVER alter it, but if you own it and think it’s better cut off, that’s up to you. In terms of a belt, you shouldn’t put a belt on it. It could work on a suit but never a tux.

For anybody who cares, here’s a picture from my prom (I’m on the right)
Last minute checks

My prom is next weekend, and I know many are coming up soon if they haven’t already passed. Make sure you get these all done within the last week or so before prom:

- Do a run through with your dress, and even your hair and makeup if they’re not getting done professionally
- Attend all of your appointments
- Pack your purse with all the necessary things (See this post)
- Pick up the boutonniere and make sure your date has bought the corsage
- Make sure your date has his tux

Lulu Townsend Pouchette Clutch
Terani - JP609
Aldo - Sultis
Jovani - 110967
What to put in your clutch

Though it may seem like a hassle to bring a clutch with you, trust me you’ll want to have it. In order to avoid a lot of possible mishaps at prom, there are a few things that you should consider putting in it.

- Makeup Essentials - Of course, you’re not going to want to bring your entire makeup bag, but there are a few things that should come with you to the event for retouches throughout the nights. These tings should include lipstick/lipgloss, eyeliner (especially if you don’t have a waterproof one), and concealer or a small compact.

- Safety and Bobby Pins - In case your dress rips or a strap detaches, safety pins will become your number one fix. Always bring a few just in case. Also, bring a few bobby pins in case your hair gets out of place. You don’t want all the time that was spent on your hair to be ruined because of a misplaced bobby pin.

- Q-tips - With all the heat and sweat from dancing, makeup is likely to run, and its important to have Q-tips in order to clean up under your eye or around your lips without ruining your other makeup.

- Tissues/Oil-blotting sheets - If your face gets oily like mine does, this will come in handy to keep your face looking fresh throughout the night

- Cell Phone/Money - Always carry a card, or a few bucks of cash, just in case of emergencies. And always bring your cell phone with you everywhere you go. You never know when you’ll need it, and the camera on your phone is a lot more efficient than bringing and extra camera.

- Mints - For after you eat dinner. Trust me, they help.

- Tampon - If you’re on your period, make sure you bring a tampon in case you leak through. You don’t want anything to ruin your dress on this special night.


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