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Scala - Q1039
I want a short unique, sparkly dress, any ideas for me?? :)


Try Scala. almost all of their dresses are sparkly/beaded and they have short ones as well as long


There is a great tutorial by The Beauty Department that’s been circulating around.  I followed their steps with a few modifications: I painted all of my nails white first instead of sponging them onto bare nails and I taped around my nails (as you would with a water marble) to lessen the amount of clean-up.  I definitely think this gradient/ombre technique is worth perfecting since I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks! Let me know what you ladies think! :)
Hey I have medium length curly brown hair, and my dress is all sparkles on the top with straps that are also sparkles any ideas on hair? my hair dresser told me to come in with an idea but i have no clue! Help Please!


I’d say do an updo. Its so much easier to not have your hair isn’t in your face and not having to worry about it getting frizzy/sticking to your neck while our dancing. Try goggling updos and find one that you like.

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Hey, I'm really pale with long dark brown hair and blue/green eyes.. what makeup do you suggest? Red lip maybe? And hair? Please help I'm getting desperate! Prom is so depressing x


Hah I understand. A great way to make your eyes pop is with purple shadow. It’ll definitely bring out the green. Your lip color is really up to you, seeing that red lips can work with anyone. Don’t do it if you aren’t comfortable in it though.

As for hair, I’d recommend putting it up because it could start sticking to your neck and looking frizzy by the end of the night (prom is very hot and sweaty). But if you have a strapless dress, sometimes it’s best to let it down. Hope I helped(:


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Prom Makeup Ideas

Okay so there are way too many things about makeup to post them all, and as I mentioned previously, it really depends all on your skin tone and dress color. However, here are some ideas that you can try to incorporate into your final look(:

-Red Lips: I think red lipstick is totally gorgeous. I really wanted to do it for my prom but am too afraid to try it. If you have the confidence to pull this off, go for it. I think it can work with any skin tone, so long as you find the right shade of red for you. MAKE SURE YOU USE LIP LINER otherwise your lips will look like a mess. Match them with bold eyelashes, and you’re set.

-Winged Eyeliner: If I can perfect this technique, I will be doing this for my prom. It takes a lot of practice (unless you’re just naturally good) but if done correctly, comes out beautiful. If you want to learn how to do it, find a Youtube tutorial. But the wing can be done different ways, so make sure you find one that does it the way you like. This requires liquid liner, not a pencil, fyi.

-False Lashes:This is for everyone that wasn’t gifted with naturally long and full eyelashes (like myself). In order to get more length, volume, or both, false lashes can be your best friend. They should be reusable, so maybe try putting them on once before the actual event. You can also get single lashes if you don’t want the full effect of a whole new set of lashes.

-Nude Lips: Nude lips can be very pretty, especially for a more natural look. They also look great if you are doing intense eye colors or concentrating on other parts of your face. Although it’s not necessary, I’d recommend getting a matching lip liner and coloring your entire lip before applying the lipstick. That way, if the color fades, the pencil coloring will still be underneath (I like to do this with all my lipsticks).

-Smokey Eye: The classic smokey eye. It seems very common, but you can change it up however you want to. The best thing about the smokey eye is that it can use any color to match your prom dress. Instead of the standard light grey, dark grey, and black, you can switch the middle grey with a blue or purple, and if your dress is light, switch the light grey to white. This way, your shadow can match with anything you wear.

how to wear your makeup for prom?


It’s different, depending on your skin tone and dress color! I can post some ideas though(:


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